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Valentine Postcards for You!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so I created a free printable for you to use! I hope you enjoy these Valentine postcards; feel free to give them to your friends, family and the ones you love most in life!

You can print and use as they are, or you can get really creative and embellish them with glitter…lace…the options are endless! Enjoy! Print instructions are below…

With Love,


*Printing Instructions*

  • Select and print the front image of the postcards.
  • Place printed pieces of paper directly back into the printer’s paper tray in the same direction as they came out of the printer after printing (try to say that three times fast!).
  • Select the postcard’s back image and print.
  • Voila! A fully printed postcard on the front and back!

Card stock works wonderful for printing these and is sold most places that have paper. If you don’t have any card stock on hand and you’re in a pinch, I have been known to print on regular paper and have used double-sided tape to stick onto another piece of paper to make it a bit more sturdy!