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New Story in the Works

I have been working on a new project. Now that Prehistoric Pizza is finished, I felt it was time to start another book. I am currently in the very rough writing/planning/sketching stage. Hopefully, this portion of the process will be over soon! It is generally the most frustrating stage, but can also be the most exciting. It is frustrating because I am trying to make the words work, and the pictures have to go along, but exciting because it is a time of discovery in seeing how the tale plays itself out. It is a kind of magic; how there can be a vague idea that seems to unfold itself once I get to work on it. That is part of why I love rhyme. The part where I find the words that work together to tell the story. It always surprises me.

This particular story is a bit close to my heart.

I will tell you that there are penguins involved.

One of my penguin practice sketches.

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